Resume Formatting Guidelines

Suggestions for that perfect shine

17376814 If you are a job seeker and want that perfect job – a properly prepared resume is of the utmost importance. A properly prepared resume would be one that is professional and corporate in appearance, and does not leave the reader scratching their heads with major unanswered questions. You may have a good start with a “diamond in the rough” resume.Here are some tips for putting that perfect shine on your resume “diamond”:

  • Start with an Objective statement; tailored to the position being applied for
  • Use a chronological format and include your complete job history
  • Provide a brief description of the company you worked for: i.e. (A national automotive manufacturer with revenues of $800 million,
  • Provide the location of every employer: i.e. Nashville TN
  • If possible, include several major achievements under each position held
  • Do not include marital status, number of children, hobbies, or other personal information. Stick to presenting what you can do for the employer. This is what the hiring manager is seeking to understand—”What can you do for me?”
  • If you have had several quick job changes, it might be helpful to add a brief statement as to the reason for leaving: i.e. “company relocated to Appleville, NY”
  • Use action verbs in the present or past tense and be consistent. For example, don’t use: “Prepared financial statements” and then as the next bullet, “Ability to multi task, or “bank statements”.
  • Use spell check and grammar check. I would also recommend having several friends, relatives, or mentors, etc., review your resume for words that pass spell check but are not properly used, i.e. “bases” instead of “basis.”
  • Provide if possible the year you earned your degree. If your GPA was a 3.0 or above, include that on your resume. It will be a plus for you.
  • Do show all positions held at a company. This will highlight the fact that you were promoted (assuming that you were) and are capable of advancement. Include your job duties under each. Do not combine them under your current title. For example, if you are a CFO, do not include: “Made bank deposits” if this is something you did while an accounting clerk at the company. State the dates (years are okay) you were at the company and also the dates for each position held.
  • Include a software section and list all software that you are proficient with. Be sure to include Word and Excel if appropriate. If your skill level is advanced, be sure to state this.
  • If you have several years of experience or quite a few years, you do not necessarily have to keep your resume to one page. However, try to avoid going over two pages.
  • Do not forget to include contact information, including: address, phone, cell phone, and email information. Be sure your email address is professional.
  • Reread and reread your resume, and rework it and rework it and polish it. Be sure that every word used conveys the message you want to get across. This will take some effort and is not an easy task, but your effort will be well rewarded with a product that will be at least respected by the reader.
  • Be sure and prepare your resume in Microsoft Word format. Microsoft Word is by far the industry standard and oftentimes the user will be unable to open other software formats.
  • If you are an executive level professional seeking a job change, we would highly recommend having a resume professional review and make recommendations for your resume. The relatively small cost of this service would more than outweigh the potential benefit of the new higher paying position you are seeking, and put you on a level playing field with your peers.

Again, it cannot be overemphasized how important a corporate, professional resume can be to the job search process. A perfectly polished resume will clearly allow you to garner the proper attention, and – outshine all of your competition!