16144523Our executive recruitment process considers the hiring of a key employee as one of the most important decisions a hiring manager can make in the process of their daily business operations. A good hire can make a tremendous difference in the performance of your area and the quality of the teamwork of your staff. The challenging task of finding the right fit for your key position can be aided by utiltizing all resources that can be brought to bear in this process. The use of an outside recruiter can add critical resources to this task.

Candidate Selection, Screening and Hiring

Candidate Target Profile

Our recruitment process begins with an face to face meeting with the hiring manager to discuss the requirements needed and the skill sets necessary for the position. It is important that we obtain a complete understanding of the profile that is being searched for. We will also obtain your position or job description, or if none is available, we assist you in preparing a draft description. It is also imperative that we gain an understanding of the culture and environment of your company. A good personnel fit can only be had if there is a match and fit with your company culture.

Candidate Identification

Upon obtaining our complete target profile, we will then begin a focused search for prospective candidates. We will utilize our extensive data base and our extensive network of industry contacts to search for prospects. We will also post ads when necessary on job boards or more focused outlets. Oftentimes the best candidates are successful and not unhappy in their present positions. We will seek to ferret them out with a variety of available means.

Candidate Screening

We will meet face to face with all local candidates for an intensive interview. For all non local candidates, we will conduct a telephone interview. We will keep you informed of our progress every step of the way. Reference checking and other verifications will be performed in the process. We will coordinate any additional requirements, such as drug screening, with the appropriate party at your company, usually the Human Resources department. We will make the candidate aware of the position requirements and your company profile.

Presentation of Candidate(s)

Upon identification of possible candidates, we will present the candidate’s resume to you with a listing of how the candidate matches the target profile. The candidate’s desired salary range will also be presented at at this time.

Candidate Interviews

We will assist in coordinating the interview process with the candidate. We will communicate the interview time, directions, etc. and facilitate the process with the prospective candidate.

Selection and Closing Process

When the preferred candidate has been selected, we can assist in making the verbal offer on your behalf, and facilitate the communication and delivery of the written offer.